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Tennis court floodlighting - Sovereign Sports

Why choose retractable floodlights?

If you are thinking of having a tennis court constructed at your home you will be doing a lot of planning for the perfect layout and setup. It’s also worth noting at this stage that there are a number of optional extras that can be added to your court to enhance the playability and allow you to enjoy your time out on the court a little more.

One of the most popular additions to any modern tennis court is that of floodlights. There are a number of great reasons to add floodlights to your court, and many homeowners are actually choosing to have a retractable floodlit option. So what is making the retractable style so popular and is it something that would be suited to your court? Here we look at why you should consider retractable floodlighting.

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Synthetic clay tennis courts

Why choose a synthetic clay court over a hard court?

The massive majority of tennis courts in the UK – in private residences, tennis clubs, leisure centres and parks – are hard courts. There is a good reason for this; hard courts are typically the cheapest type of tennis court to build as well as boasting excellent durability and longevity. So if you are thinking of having a court constructed either on your residential property or elsewhere, you might naturally gravitate to having a hard court installed.

But you might not be aware that it is actually possible to have a wide range of court types created for UK tennis courts. One that is gaining popularity quickly is the synthetic clay court and a number are springing up across the country. Let’s take a look at whether this could be the right choice for you.

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What do you need for a home tennis court?

Tennis Court Closeup

Many homeowners would love to have their own tennis court but believe – for one reason or another – that it’s not possible for them. The truth is that getting a tennis court constructed is easier than it ever has been, and there’s no an awful lot that a home needs to make the build possible. Here we look at what you will need to have in order to build your court.

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Does a tennis court improve the value of your home


Many people would love to have their own private tennis court at their home – it is both a symbol of luxury and a fantastic feature piece. Having a court constructed is cheaper than ever before and while the outlay is undoubtedly high, there can be no doubt that the court adds value to your home. In this sense it can be seen as an investment in your property.
But while a great tennis court adds significant value to your home, it is still important that you should follow certain rules to ensure you are getting as much out of your court as possible. Here are three key factors to ensure your court adds value to your home.

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Three reasons to invest in a tennis court

Tennis Court Closeup
A home tennis court is a dream for many people, but having one constructed is a huge project for your property which puts some homeowners off. Thankfully, tennis courts have never been more affordable and you might be surprised at the kind of high quality court you can get – so here are three reasons to invest in a tennis court for your home.

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Does your court need painting?

MUGA surfaces
Do you have an old tennis court on your property that’s looking a little past it’s best? It could be the case that all it really needs is a new coat of paint to bring it back to life. Here are some of the reasons to invest in a new paint job for your tennis court.

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