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Sovereign Sports offers a wide range of services in addition to the construction and maintenance of tennis courts. These services are related to the completion of these projects and can be supplied depending on the specific needs of your tennis court installation.

Our team of experienced court builders have seen virtually every scenario over the years with the need to completely change premises in order to build a surface effectively. For a full breakdown of the services that we offer please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

A full range of additional services

Installing a tennis court is never as simple as laying the surface. It is often the case that properties require landscaping or excavation works in order to ensure a completely flat surface for the court. In order to create this for you, we can carry out everything from root barrier and surfacing as well as full remodelling of the surface.

On the other hand, your surface may just require a simple retaining wall or an attractive log wall. This can vary depending on your personal preferences.

Optional extras

As highly experienced tennis court constructors, we can provide a range of optional extras to make sure you are getting a court that is perfect for you. This could include paved steps leading up to a court on higher ground or a double-edged perimeter with shingle infill. We would also be happy to add in fencing posts, patio areas and practice walls to provide you with the tennis court and surrounds that you are looking for.

We also offer floodlighting and fencing – once again, these services can be completely personalised to your needs.

Acorn finial posts

Excavation works

Fencing works

Log wall

Paved steps

Root barrier works

Surfacing works

Landscaping & log retainer

Doubled edged perimeter, with shingle infill

Log sleeper steps and viewing area

Practice wall in green with netline

Practice wall with brick coping

We offer tennis court construction services across the UK. From East and West Sussex to Hertfordshire, and Essex, we have constructed tennis courts in major towns and cities across the South East of England, including London, Brighton, Tunbridge Wells, and Canterbury – to name just a few.

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