Tennis Court Surfaces

Here at Sovereign Sports, we have many years experience of in constructing tennis courts on many different surfaces, depending on each of our client’s individual requirements.

Whether you’re looking to have a brand-new tennis court constructed, or if you’d like to have your existing court resurfaced, please get in touch with us today so we can talk through your requirements.

Types of Surfaces

Porous Macadam Type 1 & 2

Open-textured porous macadam is ideal for homes, schools, clubs and public parks.

Features: Predictable ball direction & minimal maintenance

Sports: Tennis and multi-use

Speed: Medium Bounce: Medium Grip: Good

Maintenance: Annual power washing and moss treatment are recommended.

Colours: Light & Dark Green, Light & Dark Red, Terracotta, Light & Dark Blue, Purple. Dual colour effect (e.g. red play area with light green run-off) & colour-match available.

Sand-filled - Tufted

Texturized monofilament fibre top-dressed with free-draining, sports-grade silica sand.

Features: Excellent durability and play quality

Sports: Tennis & Hockey

Speed: Medium – Fast Bounce: Medium – Low

Grip: Good with partial slide

Maintenance: Drag-brushing to redistribute sand infill. Annual power brushing and moss treatment are recommended.

Colours: Light and dark green.

Sand-dressed – Needle punch – Matchplay II

High-performance, sand-dressed, needle-punch surface with in-built cushion for comfort.

Features: Easy on players’ leg joints & maximum comfort underfoot. Minimum maintenance.

Sports: ITF rated 3 for tennis. AENA accredited for netball, basketball, hockey, football & multi-sports

Speed: Medium Bounce: Medium Grip: Very Good

Maintenance: Annual power washing, power brushing and moss treatment are recommended.

Colours: Green, Red, Blue, Yellow, Terracotta, Black, Purple or two-tone.

Synthetic Clay

Innovative sand-filled, tufted, synthetic clay with carpet over-fill.

Features: Ball bounce and player enjoyment compared to traditional clay surfaces

Sports: ITF category 2 approved for performance tennis

Speed: Slow – Medium Grip: Slides to replicate playing on a traditional clay court

Maintenance: Daily drag brushing to redistribute infill, brushing on lines before and after play. Annual Deep cleaning and moss treatment are recommended.

Colours: Terracotta

3G Synthetic Turf - 35-60mm

Synthetic turf with fine fibrillated polythylene fibres, sand/rubber infill and shock-absorbing underlay.

Features: All-weather, excellent comfort, highly durable & great play performance

Sports: Real grass replication makes it ideal for football and rugby

Grip: Good with a uniform playing surface

Maintenance: Weekly drag brushing for even infill distribution & debris removal. Quarterly
deep-clean, decompaction & drag brushing to redistribute infill, and moss treatment.

Colours: Green.

Porous Acrylic

High-performance, water-permeable, cushioned acrylic surface with a 6mm rubber mat.

Features: Highly durable year-round, long-term. Perfect for wet play. Optimum cushioning.

Sports: Slip resistance can be adjusted with spray coatings for all MUGAs

Bounce: Uniform ball bounce on all court areas

Grip: Very good grip – even in wet weather

Maintenance: Annual Power washing and moss treatment are recommended.

Colours: Light & Dark Green, Light & Dark Blue, Purple or Terracotta.

artificial grass tennis court
synthetic clay court
tennis court surrounded by a headge
synthetic clay court
outside sports court
basketball court in sunshine
basketball and tennis court

We offer tennis court construction services across the UK. From East and West Sussex to Hertfordshire, and Essex, we have constructed tennis courts in major towns and cities across the South East of England, including London, Brighton, Tunbridge Wells, and Canterbury – to name just a few.

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