Why choose retractable floodlights?

If you are thinking of having a tennis court constructed at your home you will be doing a lot of planning for the perfect layout and setup. It’s also worth noting at this stage that there are a number of optional extras that can be added to your court to enhance the playability and allow you to enjoy your time out on the court a little more.

One of the most popular additions to any modern tennis court is that of floodlights. There are a number of great reasons to add floodlights to your court, and many homeowners are actually choosing to have a retractable floodlit option. So what is making the retractable style so popular and is it something that would be suited to your court? Here we look at why you should consider retractable floodlighting.

More time to play

Of course it is not hard to make an argument for floodlights on your court. The reasoning is clear: you will get more time out on the court if you can see the ball. As the evening draws on and you are having a fun game, it can be frustrating if the failing light forces you to stop before the conclusion of the match. Having floodlights allows the fun to continue.

Easier for planning permission

However, one of the major drawbacks with floodlights is that they can make it a little difficult to get planning permission. Permanent floodlights can be unsightly for neighbours and permission may not be granted if you apply for them. However, it is easier to get permission with retractable lights as this are not as imposing on other properties nearby.

At Sovereign Sports we would always recommend trying with retractable floodlights if you have had permission refused for permanent lights.