Tennis Court Floodlighting

Providing light for your court in the evenings, floodlighting gives you the opportunity to get more use out of your outdoor court. For courts at private homes, floodlights give you extra time to play on your tennis court. At sports clubs and facilities, floodlights make your court more cost-effective, allowing for more available time for players to use the court every day.

At Sovereign Sports, we specialise in the supply and installation of high-quality tennis court floodlights. We work to your requirements to set up and install a system that is perfect for you. We offer both static and retractable floodlighting to suit the needs of any kind of tennis court. For more details please get in contact with us today.

Retractable Floodlighting

For tennis courts at private homes, retractable floodlights are often the most popular option. Unobtrusive and neighbour-friendly, these floodlights provide the same functionality as static floodlighting without the prominent appearance. Additionally for those homeowners who are installing a court and floodlights for the first time, it is typically easier to get planning permission for retractable lights as they will not cause problems for your neighbours and other properties around your court.

The Sovereign Sports system includes powerful lights that are attached to existing fence posts. They are raised using a simple telescopic action allowing for the correct distribution of light for comfortable playing conditions when the sunlight fades.

Static Floodlights

Sovereign Sports can take care of your project from the design and planning stage through to luminaire installation and final electrical commissioning and certification.

Our static floodlight systems are typically more popular with leisure centres, tennis clubs and other sports facilities as they tend to stay in place all year round and are extremely hard-wearing and durable. We can customise static floodlights to suit any requirements, supplying the columns, lights, cabling, mains connections and trenching.

Our static lighting conforms to the LTA and SAPCA recommendations with regard to the Lux Rating and Uniformity Ratio – which measures the even distribution of light. Fixed in position, the lights are ideal for consistent conditions while you play.

Is planning permission required?

It is typically the case that you will need to apply for planning permission in order to have floodlights installed due to the fact that floodlight columns will need to be erected and a change of use in the land will need to be approved.

You should submit a full planning application to your local council, following their guidelines and instructions. To do this you will require drawings indicating the location of the columns as well as their design and appearance. You will also need to supply a datasheet, and a manufacturer’s leaflet for the lights and switchgear cabinets.


How do I apply for planning permission?

Your first step should be to obtain the correct planning permission form from your local planning authority. The authorities are governed by the Town and Country Planning Act of 1990 – most of the rules and regulations are put in place by the central government. However, each local authority will have a policy for its own area so it’s a good idea to seek advice from the relevant officer before submitting your application.

If you have had difficulty getting permission, it is often recommended the use retractable floodlights. If you need more information, we are happy to provide advice and guidance on the steps you need to take to get your planning permission sorted.

We offer tennis court construction services across the UK. From East and West Sussex to Hertfordshire, and Essex, we have constructed tennis courts in major towns and cities across the South East of England, including London, Brighton, Tunbridge Wells, and Canterbury – to name just a few.

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