Three things you didn’t know about home tennis courts

If you would like to have a tennis court constructed at your home there might be a few worries or doubts that are putting you off. Here we look at three things that many people don’t realise about home tennis court construction.

You can have a clay court!

You might believe that the only option for having a home court built in the UK is a hard court, but this isn’t true at all. Amazingly, it is even possible for you to have a synthetic clay court created at your home. Artificial clay is actually a carpet surface that mimics the playing characteristics of real clay.

It can be easily and cost-effectively installed at your home for the experience of playing on clay at home.

Dimensions can be created to suit you

Some people assume that they don’t have the space in their garden to fit a tennis court. But it should be noted that you can have the dimensions of your court reduced to fit your garden if necessary. If you are interested in having a court construction but are worried that you don’t have enough room, you should talk to experienced court builders for a second opinion.

You probably don’t need planning permission

One thing that can put homeowners off the idea of getting a home tennis court installed is the thought of having to go through the process of gaining planning permission. So you might be surprised to learn that in most cases it is not necessary to get planning permission for your tennis court at all.

Typically the only time that you would need planning permission is if the land requires a change of use. It is also worth noting that if you want to have floodlights installed, these may need permission.