Retractable Floodlights

Do you need tennis court floodlighting? Sovereign Sports are specialists in the construction and installation of retractable floodlights for clients in Kent, Surrey, Sussex, London and across the South of England. Our retractable floodlighting systems are ideal for private tennis courts, allowing you to get more use out of your court at times that are more convenient to you.

How do retractable floodlights work?

Our retractable floodlight system is made up of eight columns which can be mounted directly onto your current fencing. This means you can avoid having any lengthy excavation and trench digging works during set-up. Conveniently, the columns are powder-coated to suit the surrounding fencing and look smart on any court.

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Who are they for?

Retractable floodlighting is perfect for private tennis courts because it’s less obtrusive and far more neighbour-friendly than static lighting. They allow you to enjoy all of the benefits of standard floodlights without the negative aspects of a prominent appearance or a long setup time.


Tailor-made to your requirements

Whether you have a single private tennis court or a larger facility, Sovereign Sports is happy to tailor the system to your requirements. We have many years of experience in dealing with all forms of tennis court construction and are trusted by clients across the country.

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Maintaining retractable floodlighting

Don’t worry if you’ve never had floodlights before; retractable lights are easy to operate and virtually maintenance-free. You use a simple telescopic action to raise and lower the lights and changing the bulb is very easy. The fact that they can be retracted to the height of the fence means that they are far easier to get to if you ever require any maintenance to be performed.

We offer tennis court construction services across the UK. From East and West Sussex to Hertfordshire, and Essex, we have constructed tennis courts in major towns and cities across the South East of England, including London, Brighton, Tunbridge Wells, and Canterbury – to name just a few.

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