MUGA Surfaces

Sovereign Sports have years of experience and expertise in multi-use games area (MUGA) surface construction. Whether you are interested in having MUGA construction and installation carried out or you are just looking for more information on the range of surfaces available, our team of knowledgeable professionals would be more than happy to help.

Working with everyone from schools, local councils, sports clubs and private homes, we can either install a completely brand new surface or reconstruct an older court depending on your needs and requirements. We can talk you through the possibilities, including everything from tennis court installation to specialist MUGA surfaces. Please contact us for more details.

MUGA Surface Options

All-weather Macadam

Macadam (or tarmac) is one of the most popular MUGA surfaces in the UK. It is the hardest and most durable surface type as well as being highly economical. Suitable for playing in most weather conditions, macadam surfaces can also be colour sprayed for an attractive aesthetic.

• Hard wearing and easy to maintain
• Perfect for: netball, tennis, basketball

Matchplay 2 Synthetic

Matchplay 2 SyntheticThis is a highly popular surface that we are often called to install at schools and sports clubs across the South East. Matchplay 2 offers a very natural feel when compared to other artificial MUGA surfaces on offer. The surface is sand dressed with a cushioned layer that makes it suitable for medium-paced sports.

• Cushioned and easy on the joints
• Perfect for: hockey, netball, tennis

Conqueror 3G

Conqueror 3G
The Conqueror 3rd Generation MUFA surface meets FIH, FIFA 1 star equivalent and IATS performance standards. Filled with sand and rubber, the surface can be used with studded boots to create extra grip. There is also a shock pad absorbing underlay.

• Similar playing characteristics to natural grass
• Perfect for: football, hockey


The polymeric surface utilises porous rubber crumb making it a comfortable surface that can be used in almost all weather conditions. Typically it is less slippery than tarmac and is available in a wide range of colours.

• Suitable for running spikes
• Perfect for: football, athletics training, netball

Sport Suitability by Surface

Guide: Ideal = ✓✓ Suitable = ✓ Not suitable = ⛌

Macadam Matchplay 2 Conqueror 3G Polymeric
Football ✓✓ ✓✓
Hockey ✓✓
Tennis ✓✓ ✓✓
Netball ✓✓ ✓✓
Basketball ✓✓

Rickmansworth Playing Fields Case Study

We created a MUGA playing surface at Rickmansworth playing fields. The project began with a site visit where we assessed the suitability of the site and talked through the potential options available with the client. From here it was decided that the current tennis surface would be replaced with a brand new macadam MUGA surface.

The next step was to pierce the surface and then remove the old tennis sockets. We then carried out the preparation work at the perimeter of the courts before installing new kerbing, including concrete ring beam. To accommodate the new height of the court changes also needed to be made to the gate. Now that the foundation work was complete, we added a wearing level of macadam and then the surface level before colour spraying for an excellent finish.

Rickmansworth Playing Fields Case StudyRickmansworth Playing Fields Case StudyRickmansworth Playing Fields Case StudyRickmansworth Playing Fields Case StudyRickmansworth Playing Fields Case StudyRickmansworth Playing Fields Case StudyRickmansworth Playing Fields Case StudyRickmansworth Playing Fields Case StudyRickmansworth Playing Fields Case StudyRickmansworth Playing Fields Case StudyRickmansworth Playing Fields Case StudyRickmansworth Playing Fields Case StudyRickmansworth Playing Fields Case Study
Site Survey
Piercing of surface
Removal of old tennis sockets
Preparation work to perimeter of courts
Installation of new kerbing
New Stone
Concrete ringbeam poured to secure new kerbs
Gate Adaption, to accomodate new court height
Laser levelling of new stone layer
Wearing course macadam laid
New macadam Down
Colour spraying

Contact Us

For more information on our specialist MUGA surfaces here at Sovereign Sports and to find out which surface would best suit your requirements, or more about MUGA construction in general, contact us today on 01634 684235 and our friendly team will be happy to help.


    FencingOur company provides two systems as standard, tubular or angle iron powder coated in either green or black, installed around the perimeter of the court to a height of a 2.75m (9ft). There is a vast array of fencing systems on the market today, so if you have something in mind please don’t hesitate to contact us.



    MaintenanceAll surfaces need regular maintenance to retain good condition, whether it is porous macadam, synthetic clay, synthetic grass. Every surface should be swept clean and all leaves, pine needles, detritus and rubbish should be removed on a weekly basis.



    floodlightsSovereign Sports are able to offer 2 types of lighting system, Static or Retractable. Our retractable system is aimed more at the private client, being less obtrusive than the full size static option. The static system we offer complies with SAPCA and LTA recommendations and is the preferred choice for clubs and schools.


    Associated Work

    Perimeter pavingAlong with our main concern, being the construction of tennis courts and sports surfaces. We also carry out a wide range of associated works and optional extras which include double edge perimeters, personalised fencing posts, practice walls, retaining walls, paths, patio areas, steps and landscaping to the surround of the court.