The advantages of a synthetic grass tennis court

If you are thinking of having a tennis court installed or reconstructed, you might think that the only option is a hard court. But at Sovereign Sports we offer a wide range of different surfaces to choose from. Here are some of the advantage of choosing a synthetic or artificial grass surface for your home tennis court.

Multiple advantages over real grass

Many homeowners would love to have a real grass court – but owning one comes with a number of challenges. Grass courts are exceptionally high maintenance, as well as being impossible to use during or after even moderate rainfall. They are also very expensive to install compared to almost any other type of court. The good news is that the majority of these challenges are avoided if you choose a synthetic grass court instead.

Synthetic grass is low-maintenance (which also makes it low cost to live with) and cheap to install. It drains quickly, making it an all-weather surface.

It’s less common than a hard court

It’s easy to find a hard court to play on – it’s the most common surface for tennis courts in the UK. But if you are looking for something a little bit different that provides an unusual playing experience, a synthetic grass court is perfect.

Replicates the feel of playing on grass

Grass is one of the most famous types of court surface for tennis, as it is the surface that the Wimbledon Championships are played on. But many players rarely get the chance to play on grass as it is so difficult to maintain. Synthetic grass gives you the opportunity to play on a surface that accurately simulates the real thing.

A stylish look for your court

Synthetic grass also looks like real grass, which gives you the added bonus of a court that is very visually attractive. This can make it an excellent and value-boosting addition to your home.