What do you need for a home tennis court?

Many homeowners would love to have their own tennis court but believe – for one reason or another – that it’s not possible for them. The truth is that getting a tennis court constructed is easier than it ever has been, and there’s no an awful lot that a home needs to make the build possible. Here we look at what you will need to have in order to build your court.

The space

Perhaps the only thing that you really need to have a tennis court constructed at your home is enough physical space for the court itself. The recommendation from the LTA (Lawn Tennis Association) is that a court should be 114 feet in length and 56 feet in width, but in practice the majority of home courts are smaller than this.

There is nothing wrong with a space of around 110 feet long and 54 wide for your tennis court. If you are worried that you might not have enough space, speak to an experienced tennis court builder about whether you can have something constructed.

Flat ground

You might assume that apart from simply having the space available for a tennis court, it’s also essential for that space to be fairly flat. While it is certainly the case that it is preferable to have a completely flat surface it should be noted that you can have levelling work carried out to provide you with an ideal surface. This will inevitably add to the cost of the court, but it means that it may be possible for you to have a court constructed even with a fairly hilly or uneven garden.

Planning permission

At Sovereign Sports we are often asked whether planning permission is required for a home tennis court. The fact is that in most situations there is no need to get planning permission from your local council. Typically you only need to get permission if there is a change of use needed on the land – for example, if you are building on a field behind your property. You may also need to get permission for items such as floodlights.