Resurfacing Courts

Resurfacing is a natural part of owning a tennis court. Even well-maintained hard-wearing court surfaces will have a natural lifespan, so if your court is beginning to deteriorate it could be time to think about having it resurfaced. At Sovereign Sports, we have years of experience in resurfacing worn tennis courts as well as surface changes.

A well-maintained tennis court in good condition is a fantastic asset to your home – not only in terms of training and social games but also in the added value to your property. But if your court is allowed to fall into disrepair it can be a liability to your home, lowering its overall value. So if your court has become cracked, overgrown or simply unsuitable to play in, call in the experts to deal with your resurfacing work. Some fantastic reasons to choose Sovereign Sports for your resurfacing include:

  • We have more than 35 years of experience in surfacing and resurfacing tennis courts
  • We can resurface everything from porous macadam to synthetic grass and clay
  • We can upgrade your hard court to a synthetic surface

Artificial Clay Resurfacing

Artificial clay is becoming more and more popular as a tennis court surface. It is a low-maintenance and cost-effective alternative to real clay. However, synthetic clay does wear down just like any surface that is played on regularly.

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Artificial Grass Resurfacing

synthetic grass court is the most effective way to have a surface that is similar to real grass without the associated costs and challenges regarding maintenance and upkeep. Once again, it is possible to upgrade your porous macadam to synthetic grass as long as the current surface is fairly level and in relatively good condition.

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Hard Court Resurfacing

Porous macadam hard courts are the most hard-wearing surface with the longest natural lifespan. But with regular use, these courts will begin to deteriorate just like any other. Having your court resurfaced will return the natural playing characteristics of the surface, improve the level of grip and ensure that your tennis court looks fantastic again.

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Maintenance services

It may be the case that your court doesn’t yet need any resurfacing work, but could instead benefit from our range of tennis court maintenance services. At Sovereign Sports we can bring your tennis back to life and keep it in excellent condition. Aside from regular sweeping and removing detritus from a macadam court, it is important to have the surface power washed and colour sprayed to keep it looking fantastic and perfect to play on. For synthetic grass courts you also need to consider the application of moss and weed killer on a regular basis.


When do I need to resurface my court?

Courts naturally deteriorate over time, so it may not be obvious when you actually need to take steps to have your court resurfaced. There are some signs that you need to look out for – firstly, if the court is losing stones or there are cracks appearing in the surface then you should consider resurfacing. Also take a look down the lines of the court, if these are beginning to undulate it could be time to invest in a new surface.

What are the resurfacing options available for a hard court?

If you are having a new macadam surface put in place over an existing hard court there is usually no need to remove the existing layer. This would generally only be necessary if there is something seriously wrong with the existing court. You may also wish to look into options such having an artificial grass or artificial clay laid instead. These can usually be laid directly onto an existing hard court.

Why should I resurface my court?

Resurfacing your court is important for a number of reasons. A cracked and worn court is unsightly and can reduce the value of your property. It’s also true that trying to play on a surface that is too worn can cause injury.

We offer tennis court construction services across the UK. From East and West Sussex to Hertfordshire, and Essex, we have constructed tennis courts in major towns and cities across the South East of England, including London, Brighton, Tunbridge Wells, and Canterbury – to name just a few.

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