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How to maintain an artificial grass court

Synthetic Grass Tennis Court Surfaces Image

Compared to a real grass tennis court, artificial grass is an extremely low maintenance option. But that doesn’t mean that you can do absolutely no work and assume it will still be fine to play on week in, week out. If you’ve got a synthetic grass court there are a few things that you can do to maintain it, so that the surface retains its characteristics and will have a long lifespan.

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Tennis Court Planning Permission: What You Need to Know

Tennis Court Fencing

Many people would love to have a tennis court at their home, but worry that construction would be complicated. It is actually easier than ever to have a tennis court built at your property, however, many homeowners are still concerned about whether they would get planning permission. Let’s have a look at the facts; this is what you need to know about tennis court planning permission.

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How to tell if your court needs resurfacing

We are often asked how often tennis courts need resurfacing and what the signs are that work needs to be carried out. The truth is that it depends on a number of factors – how well the court is maintained, the weather and general conditions surrounding the court, and how often the court is used. In general courts may need to be resurfaced anywhere between every 5 and 10 years, but this can vary enormously. Here are four signs that probably mean you need resurfacing work.

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Three reasons to choose a synthetic grass court

Synthetic Grass Advantage Pro

Have you always dreamed of having a tennis court in your garden? It’s undoubtedly one of the most prestigious items that a home can have and most people imagine either a standard hard court or a beautiful grass court, like those at Wimbledon. But there is another option that you should consider. Here are three good reasons to choose a synthetic grass court instead.

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Home tennis courts FAQs

Tennis Court Construction

Based in Kent, Sovereign Sports are specialists in tennis court construction for homes across the South East. We have a wealth of knowledge on everything to do with residential and commercial tennis courts and enjoy helping customers get exactly what they want. There are a number of frequently asked questions that we often hear regarding home tennis courts, so here are the answers.

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Synthetic grass or synthetic clay?

Synthetic grass tennis courts

If you’re interested in having a tennis court installed you need to make a decision on the kind of surface you’re going to have. The vast majority of courts in the UK are ‘hard courts’ which are often made from open textured porous macadam, however at Sovereign Sports we offer a full range of possibilities to suit your needs.

For those customers that are looking for something different from the traditional hard court, we can provide both synthetic grass and synthetic clay courts. Read on more details on which might be perfect for you. Alternatively you can get in touch with us today by calling 01634 684 235 and a member of the team will be happy to talk through the range of options with you.

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Home tennis court myths debunked

Tennis Court Construction

There are many myths about home tennis courts, here Sovereign Sports debunks these ideas and reveals the truth behind them.

Myth: It’s hard to get planning permission for a tennis court

It is not always necessary to get planning permission to build a tennis court, so this doesn’t need to be a problem. Generally you only need to get planning permission for the court if being placed there will cause a change of use. For example, if the land is designated to be for agricultural purposes then you will need planning permission to have it built.

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