How to maintain your tennis court

High-quality tennis courts are long-lasting and durable, but following basic maintenance practice can help keep them in great condition for much longer. Here are some tips for keeping hard tennis courts in good condition – if you have a different type of surface, you can visit our maintenance section for additional details.

Sweep on a regular basis

The most basic and effective form of maintenance that it is vital to carry out is to sweep your court on a regular basis. Sweeping rids the surface of leaves, pine needles and other debris. It’s not only that these items can stain the court, but they also provide a breeding ground for mould and dampness that can cause real damage to the court. Basic cleaning can go a long way to improving the lifespan and preventing unnecessary wear and damage. If you can sweep the court once a week, this can be hugely valuable.

Remove water from the surface

Courts with adequate drainage should not be too bothered by the issue of rain, however, it’s worth noting that after particularly heavy showers, it can be a good idea to get rid of any standing water from the surface. You want to create an environment that makes it hard for mould and mildew to occur, so ensuring that the surfaces remain dry is a good idea.

Clean anything acidic as soon as possible

Acidic substances can be a real problem for the surface of your tennis court. Of course, it’s important that you clean your court regularly – but you need to be especially careful if your court is in a position where bird droppings or other acidic detritus can land easily. Anything acidic really needs to be cleaned as soon as you notice it; the last thing you want is to have these items eating away at the surface, as no amount of cleaning with repair the damage.

Treat the court with respect

Unfortunately one of the major reasons that tennis courts require repairs or resurfacing is simply that enough care is not taken to keep them in good condition. Firstly it’s worth noting that the surface should not be used for high-impact activities like skateboarding. At the same time, you need to be careful with any food and drink that is brought onto the court. As mentioned above, acidic substances can be a huge problem, and almost all food and drink contains a level of acid. Finally, above dragging heavy items like tables and chairs.