Three reasons to choose a synthetic grass court

Have you always dreamed of having a tennis court in your garden? It’s undoubtedly one of the most prestigious items that a home can have and most people imagine either a standard hard court or a beautiful grass court, like those at Wimbledon. But there is another option that you should consider. Here are three good reasons to choose a synthetic grass court instead.

A practical alternative to a real grass court

Many homeowners would love to have a real grass court, but for the vast majority of homes, a real grass court simply is not practical. The surface needs constant care through irrigation, weeding, mowing and fertilising. Without this maintenance the court becomes unusable almost immediately. And additionally, the surface wears down very quickly, so even when it’s in good condition to play, it won’t last that way for long.

Synthetic grass, on the other hand, is not only much cheaper to install, it’s also low maintenance and very easy to keep in good condition. The surface is also far more durable and can stand up to regular use easily.

Three reasons to choose a synthetic grass court

Excellent in all weather conditions

Real grass courts – while beautiful and fun to play on – can be a nightmare to own. They require irrigation in the summer or the court becomes unusable. And equally it’s not possible to play on the court if it becomes too wet. But worse, it can’t have a permanent cover as it needs the sun for the grass to grow naturally. This means that you can only use your grass court at certain times of the year.

However, synthetic grass gives you option to play almost whenever you wish. It drains quickly – far faster than real grass – and is non-slip in the winter. It also doesn’t need irrigation, so even if the ground has been baking for the hot weeks over the summer, you can get straight out and use your court.

A unique tennis court for your garden

The vast majority of tennis courts in the UK are hardcourts, which makes it easy to play on a hard court any time you feel like it. So having a synthetic grass court in your garden is a unique proposition. Tennis on grass is a very different proposition to playing on a hardcourt. It’s easier than ever to have an artificial grass court installed in your home, so now could be the perfect time to do it.