Four benefits of a home tennis court

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Are you considering having a tennis court constructed at your home? Here are four of the great benefits of having a tennis court on your property.

1 – A great way to get exercise

If you’re interested in getting more exercise, a home tennis court is a fantastic addition to your property. You’ll no longer need a membership to a local tennis club to get on the court, and it’s a fantastic way to socialise while you enjoy a few games. Hard courts are all-weather surfaces that can be used very soon after heavy rainfall.

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Pros and cons of a synthetic grass tennis court

Synthetic Grass Advantage Pro

Synthetic grass courts are becoming more popular everywhere from private homes to schools and sports clubs. But it’s still true that the majority of courts and sports areas are hard courts made using porous macadam, so let’s have a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of synthetic grass courts to see whether it is something you should consider.

Pro: Perfect for a range of sports

Firstly, it should be noted that synthetic grass is not just an alternative for a real grass court. This surface can be used for a wide variety of sports. So whether you’re looking for home use or you are looking to have an artificial grass playing surface installed at a club, it’s worth pointing out that it can also be used for games as varied as netball, five-a-side football and more.

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Which tennis court surface is right for you? Part Two

Synthetic Grass Tennis Court Surfaces Image

This is the second part of a two-part blog on the different types of tennis courts available. Here we will cover the elegant grass court as well as its synthetic counterpart.


The grass court is the symbol of tennis in the UK – associated with prestigious tournaments like Queen’s Club, Eastbourne and, of course, Wimbledon. Having your own grass court on your property is undoubtedly something almost any tennis fan would love. Faster than almost any other type of court, playing on grass has a very elegant feel, and a beautiful grass court can add a serious amount of value to your home.

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Which tennis court surface is right for you? Part One

Tennis court surfaces

Welcome to part one of a two-blog part blog on home tennis court surfaces. In these blogs we will look at the range of tennis court surfaces which are available and help you decide which one could be right for you. In part one we will look at the most common home tennis court surface as well as one that is gaining significant popularity in the UK.

Hard court

The vast majority of tennis courts – both at clubs and in private homes – are hard courts. This is because this is both the cheapest and most durable court surface available, as well as being easy to install and maintain. The advantages of hard courts are clear; they are fun and easy to play on, and with the right maintenance they can last for many years. The majority of courts are built using porous macadam, which is hard wearing and suitable for play in all weather.

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Three fantastic fencing options for your court

Tennis court fencing - Sovereign Sports

If you’re planning on having a tennis court – or any kind of sports court – installed, then you will need to consider which fencing option is best for you. There are multiple types available which can often be customised to your requirements. Here are three of the most popular types offered by Sovereign Sports.

Standard fencing

Sovereign Sports offer standard fences in either tubular or angle iron power coated mesh. The fences generally run to 2.75m high and encircle the entire court. However, some people prefer to have a viewing gallery incorporated into the design.

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How to tell if your court needs resurfacing

Tennis Court Resurfacing

We are often asked how often tennis courts need resurfacing and what the signs are that work needs to be carried out. The truth is that it depends on a number of factors – how well the court is maintained, the weather and general conditions surrounding the court, and how often the court is used. In general courts may need to be resurfaced anywhere between every 5 and 10 years, but this can vary enormously. Here are four signs that probably mean you need resurfacing work.

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Three reasons to choose a synthetic grass court

Synthetic Grass Advantage Pro

Have you always dreamed of having a tennis court in your garden? It’s undoubtedly one of the most prestigious items that a home can have and most people imagine either a standard hard court or a beautiful grass court, like those at Wimbledon. But there is another option that you should consider. Here are three good reasons to choose a synthetic grass court instead.

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ATP Tennis Returns to Eastbourne

ATP Tennis Logo

Sussex and Kent tennis fans have something to get excited about this summer as ATP World Tour tennis returns to Eastbourne’s Devon Park Lawn Tennis Club in 2017. The announcement was made that the ATP, which is the men’s professional tennis tour, would once again be holding a joint tournament with the WTA (Women’s Tennis Association) so fans will be able to enjoy both women’s and men’s matches across the event. From 2009 to 2014, the Aegon International hosted both a men’s and women’s tournament simultaneously, but the previous two years saw Eastbourne revert to a sole women’s event.

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Home tennis courts FAQs

Tennis Court Construction

Based in Kent, Sovereign Sports are specialists in tennis court construction for homes across the South East. We have a wealth of knowledge on everything to do with residential and commercial tennis courts and enjoy helping customers get exactly what they want. There are a number of frequently asked questions that we often hear regarding home tennis courts, so here are the answers.

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