Tennis player on serve

How to improve your tennis forehand

Every tennis player would love to make changes to their game to help them improve, and there is no doubt that the forehand is one of the key shots that can make this happen. Whether you have a private court in your garden and can spend hours practicing, or you only get the chance to head down to the local tennis club every so often, there are changes that anyone can make to improve.

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Synthetic Grass Tennis Court Surfaces Image

Is an artificial grass court a good fit for your home?

Are you considering having a tennis court installed at your property? For many homeowners, the only surface they consider for their new tennis court is a hard court, but there are other options that are growing quickly in popularity. One of the most eye-catching is the artificial grass court. It could be that this would make an excellent choice for your home, but synthetic grass isn’t for everyone.

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Tennis Court Surface Closeup Image

Is a tennis court a good home investment?

Having a tennis court constructed is undoubtedly a large investment, so it’s not surprising that many home owners wonder whether this is a good way to spend their money. Here are three important reasons why it can be considered an excellent use of your budget for home improvement works.

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Tennis ball on a hardcourt

Three key tips for tennis court maintenance

No matter whether you have a porous macadam hard court or an artificial surface, every tennis court requires a degree of maintenance to keep it looking great and in fantastic playing condition. So whether you are having a new court built or you have just bought a property that has a private tennis court, it is important for you to learn how to take care of it properly. Here are three key tips to help you maintain your tennis court throughout the year.

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Is artificial grass a good choice for a tennis court?

For the majority of people who consider a home tennis court, a tarmac surface may seem like only sensible option. Hard courts are very popular across the UK thanks to the fact that they are highly durable, cheap to install and easy to maintain. However, in recent years innovation in materials has meant that it is now possible to have a range of other court types installed.

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Shot of a tennis player with elbow injury on a clay court

How to prevent tennis elbow

Tennis elbow is one of the injuries that is most often suffered by regular tennis players. If you have a home court on your property or you are a member of a tennis club and you have found yourself developing the symptoms of tennis elbow it can be very distressing. Not only is the condition uncomfortable, but you might be worried that you won’t be able to play tennis in the future without suffering pain.

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Tennis Court Closeup

Home tennis court: an alternative to hard court

If you are thinking of having a brand new home tennis court installed at your property, now could be the perfect time. It has never been easier and more affordable to have a beautiful tennis court created in your garden or on private land, and a tennis court can add value to your home as well as giving a lovely focal point to the property.

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