Is artificial grass a good choice for a tennis court?

For the majority of people who consider a home tennis court, a tarmac surface may seem like the only sensible option. Hard courts are very popular across the UK thanks to the fact that they are highly durable, cheap to install and easy to maintain. However, in recent years innovation in materials has meant that it is now possible to have a range of other court types installed.

Thanks to the prestige of the Wimbledon Championships and the history of lawn tennis in the UK, many would love to have a grass court. However, these have always suffered from a number of issues including the fact that they require a great deal of maintenance and can be unplayable for days at a time after heavy rainfall.

This is why it has been so exciting to see the rise in the number of artificial grass courts. Artificial grass offers the same playing characteristics and visual appearance as real grass without the hassle of maintaining the court.

So if you have always dreamed of having your own grass court this can be a fantastic way to do it. Artificial grass is preferable over real grass as it does not have to be constantly maintained in the same way – there’s no need for regular cutting and watering, you only need to make time to regularly sweep the surface to take care of most of the maintenance needs.

Artificial grass also drains quickly when wet, so it can be used very soon after the rain. This means that you will have more opportunities to get out and use your tennis court.

It is also worth pointing out that a synthetic grass court may also be preferable to a standard hard court. Undoubtedly, it is less common to see a grass court in the UK, giving you the chance to play on an unusual surface. This factor can also improve the overall value of your home as a grass court is a unique feature.