Home tennis court: an alternative to hard court

If you are thinking of having a brand new home tennis court installed at your property, now could be the perfect time. It has never been easier and more affordable to have a beautiful tennis court created in your garden or on private land, and a tennis court can add value to your home as well as giving a lovely focal point to the property.

The vast majority of home tennis courts built in the UK are standard hard courts – and this has given rise to a myth that hard court is the only option. Of course in the UK we tend to associate tennis closely with grass courts due to the famous Wimbledon Championships, but it is generally considered that grass courts are too expensive and complicated to maintain to be a good option for a private court.

In general this is true but if it is your dream to own and play on a grass court in your home, don’t despair. It is actually possible to have something very familiar to a real grass court created for your garden. A synthetic grass court is a far cheaper option to have installed, and it actually comes with a huge range of benefits over a real grass court.

Firstly, unlike real grass, which gets saturated very quickly in wet weather and becomes impossible to play on, synthetic grass drains very quickly. This means that it is an all-weather surface that you can even play on in light rain. Additionally, artificial grass requires far less in the way of maintenance than real grass – it does not need regular cutting or watering, and is only around the same amount of work as a hard court.

It provides a surface that has extremely similar playing characteristics to real grass, so this can be a fantastic choice for you if you are looking to emulate Wimbledon this year.