Is an artificial grass court a good fit for your home?

Are you considering having a tennis court installed at your property? For many homeowners, the only surface they consider for their new tennis court is a hard court, but there are other options that are growing quickly in popularity. One of the most eye-catching is the artificial grass court. It could be that this would make an excellent choice for your home, but synthetic grass isn’t for everyone.

Firstly, let’s consider maintenance. It is generally the case that if you are a looking for a court that is as easy to maintain as possible, the right choice will probably be a hard court. These are durable, long-lasting and only require regular sweeping to stay in good shape for a long time. However, artificial grass courts are also relatively low maintenance, especially when compared to other court options such as real grass.

Once again, the court will require sweeping to stay in the best possible condition as well as regular cleaning to keep it free from acidic substances such as bird droppings. However this pales in comparison to the level of maintenance involved in the upkeep of a real grass court which requires extremely mowing and watering.

It is also worth mentioning that unlike real grass, artificial grass is an all-weather surface. Real grass will become water-logged very quickly in even light rain, which makes the surface unplayable. Artificial grass drains thanks to its porous nature, so you will be able to use the court much faster after rainfall. This can be a big benefit in the UK where the weather can be so unpredictable.

If you’re not sure whether artificial grass would be a good fit for your home, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with Sovereign Sports today. A member of the team would be happy to go over the details and options with you.