Tips for getting planning permission for your tennis court

If you are considering having a tennis court installed at your home, you may need to look into the process of getting planning permission. Here are some tips and advice to make it as easy as possible.

Do you need permission?

Many homeowners are put off from getting a private tennis court by the idea of having to go through a lengthy process of getting permission from their local council. But this is unfortunate because it’s actually not necessary in many cases to get planning permission for a tennis court. For example, if you are having the court built in your garden and it takes up less than 50 per cent of the space, there is typically no need to get permission.

Usually the only times that you will need planning permission is if the land will require a change of use, if the house is listed, if it is an area of outstanding natural beauty, if floodlights are being installed or if significant civil engineering works will be required to complete the court.

Retractable floodlights

The most common reason for homeowners to require planning permission for their court is if they want to have floodlights installed. Floodlights are popular as they allow you to extend your playing time as nights get darker. If you are concerned that you might struggle to get planning permission for floodlit courts you can look into the option of retractable floodlights.

These floodlights can be raised and lowered by hand, and it is generally easier to get permission because authorities look more favourably on them than static lighting.

Work with tennis court experts

The easiest way to get planning permission, if necessary, is to work with a company that is experienced in installing and constructing courts. They will be able to answer any questions that you have and provide you with advice and guidance on things to avoid.