Three fantastic fencing options for your court

If you’re planning on having a tennis court – or any kind of sports court – installed, then you will need to consider which fencing option is best for you. There are multiple types available which can often be customised to your requirements. Here are three of the most popular types offered by Sovereign Sports.

Standard fencing

Sovereign Sports offer standard fences in either tubular or angle iron power coated mesh. The fences generally run to 2.75m high and encircle the entire court. However, some people prefer to have a viewing gallery incorporated into the design.

This is achieved by having a portion of the fence dropped to around 1m high. This can make the court easily visible from the house. It’s also necessary to add a gate somewhere in the fencing. You can choose either to have a gate built within the dropped section or add it into the full height fence.


Of course you may want to have something different. This is especially if your court is more than just a tennis court. For example if you have had a multiple purpose MUGA court installed, which can be used for football, hockey and more, it can be necessary to opt for sturdier fencing. In sports where rebounds are important, like 5-a-side football, you need a fence that provides you with proper bounce.

The Zaun Super Sports Rebound Panel is a wire fence that provides similar rebounding qualities to a solid surface.

Wisa PA

If you are looking to have a fence that has been specifically designed for other sports activities, it could be best to opt for a Wisa PA. This system has panels built around the lower part of the fence to absorb the impact of balls hitting it.

Please get in touch with Sovereign Sports today. We can provide you with advice and guidance on the best fencing system for your requirements.