Four benefits of a home tennis court

Are you considering having a tennis court constructed at your home? Here are four of the great benefits of having a tennis court on your property.

1 – A great way to get exercise

If you’re interested in getting more exercise, a home tennis court is a fantastic addition to your property. You’ll no longer need a membership to a local tennis club to get on the court, and it’s a fantastic way to socialise while you enjoy a few games. Hard courts are all-weather surfaces that can be used very soon after heavy rainfall.

2 – Add value to your home

Having a tennis court on your property is a brilliant way to add value to it. Tennis courts are one of those unusual features that prospective homebuyers love, so if you are considering selling up in a few years’ time, it can be a nice idea to have the tennis court installed and get plenty of use out of it before you put your property on the market.

3 – No planning permission required

Unlike many kinds of work that you can have carried out on your property, there’s usually no need to gain planning permission in order to have a tennis court built. This means that you won’t have to go through the lengthy and frustrating process of having your plans approved. The only usual exception to this is if you are having floodlights installed, and even this can often be avoided by using retractable floodlights rather than static ones.

4 – Adds prestige to your property

And of course, it shouldn’t be forgotten that having a tennis court on your property brings genuine prestige to your home. It’s a fantastic way to impress family and friends – a wonderful social area where you can have a lot of fun.