Which MUGA surface is right for you?

Multi-use games area (MUGA) surfaces are very popular for schools, sports and even in private homes as they offer a broad range of different uses for all kinds of sports. But if you are interested in having a MUGA court constructed you need to take some time to learn about the different surface options that are available. Each surface type has different characteristics, making it perfect for some sports but not others. Let’s take a look at what each surface type offers to see which one might be perfect for you.


Better known as tarmac, porous macadam is undoubtedly the most popular sports surface in the UK. This is thanks to its versatility and durability, which makes it perfect for a large number of sports. It is also typically cheaper than the vast majority of other MUGA surfaces. Ideal for sports like basketball and tennis, the hard and non-cushioned nature of the surface means it can’t be used for rugby.

Matchplay 2

This is a cushioned synthetic surface that feels very natural to play on. It is designed mainly for medium-paced sports such as hockey and netball but can also be used as a tennis or football surface if necessary.

Conqueror 3G

Another very popular MUGA surface is the Conqueror 3G, which stands for Third Generation. The surface can be used with studded boots which makes it perfect for football as well as sports such as hockey and netball.

If would like to learn more about the range of MUGA surfaces available, the highly experienced team at Sovereign Sports would be happy to answer any questions that you have. Please get in contact with us today for more details.