When does a court need reconstructing?

Do you have a tennis court that needs reconstructing? Tennis courts are hard wearing and should last for many years when they are correctly maintained, but when problems start to appear with the surface you may need to consider having it entirely reconstructed. Some of the problems that may require reconstruction include:

When the surface has become uneven and cracked

Unfortunately even with good construction, ground movement can eventually lead to the surface of the court becoming uneven and cracking. At this point it becomes impossible to simply resurface the court and major works will be needed in order to completely reconstruct the court.

When the surface has become overgrown with vegetation that can’t be cut back

Another common problem that will likely require construction is when the court has become overgrown with vegetation. If vegetation is growing from or penetrating through the court it will certainly need to be removed first. Once this has been accomplished you can access the court, it is likely that the plants and moss have done significant damage to the court.

When the court has not been maintained properly

It is vital to ensure that your tennis court is properly maintained. Unfortunately one of the major reasons that courts require reconstruction is simply because they have not been properly looked after. Taking good care of your court will lengthen its lifespan, and years of not looking after it properly will likely ensure that you will need to have it reconstructed.

When your court is very old

If you have bought a property with a tennis court that is in a state of disrepair and has not been used for many years it is often necessary to have a complete reconstruction job completed on it before it can be played on again.