What do you need for a home tennis court?

At Sovereign Sports we are often asked what is needed in order to have a tennis court constructed at home. This depends on the nature of the court that you want to have put in, but here is a guide to what you need from your home in order to have a tennis court installed on the property.

The space

Clearly the first thing that you need to have on your property is enough space for the court itself. The size of the court can vary depending on your needs. In general, overall dimensions for a full-size LTA court is 36.58m long and 18.2m wide – which includes the full space around the edges of the court. However, this could be reduced 33.53m long and 16.48m wide for private courts for personal use.

The position

Additionally, in an ideal world you have this space available with the length running north to south. This allows you to make full use of the sunshine, with the least trouble with regards to sun shining in players’ eyes. Obviously this is not essential and you can choose to have your court in any position – but north to south is definitely preferable if possible.

Excavation works

As tennis courts need to be entirely flat, you’ll likely need to have excavation works carried out if your court location slopes at all. This can lengthen the construction process considerably, especially if there is a significant slope.

Planning permission?

In general you will not need to have planning permission in order to build a tennis court on your property – it’s only usually needed if the area requires a change of use. If you are building any kind of floodlights or fencing, however, you may require permission.