Three alternatives to a hardcourt

When having a new tennis court constructed, many homeowners, schools or sports club opt for a hardcourt. There is no doubt that courts made using tarmac are by far the most common in the UK as they are typically cheap, easy to maintain and highly durable, making them an excellent all-round choice regardless of your needs and requirements.

But this does not mean that you have to choose porous macadam for your court. There is actually a huge range of different court types that you could select. Here we look at three alternatives to a tennis hardcourt that you could opt for instead.

Real grass court

While hardcourt might be more common, the grass court is probably the world’s most iconic tennis court thanks to its association with the prestigious Wimbledon tournament. For homeowners, a real grass court can add value to a property, and the softness of the surface means it is more comfortable on the joints. It is also relatively uncommon to find grass courts, so playing on one is a unique experience.

However, grass courts also come with their drawbacks. Firstly, grass is a very high maintenance surface that requires constant attention. Additionally, grass can become saturated and unusable in wet weather (and for several days after heavy rain, if not covered).

Artificial grass court

If you like the idea of a grass court, but can’t commit to the expense or the challenges regarding maintenance, there is another option. Choose a synthetic grass surface and you can experience the feeling of playing on natural grass without many of the inconveniences of the surface.

Artificial grass is cushioned like real grass, so it is comfortable to play on. It is also far cheaper to have installed and maintained throughout the year – artificial grass is far less hassle than genuine grass. Additionally, our artificial grass surface is porous and can used in most weather conditions.

Artificial clay court

Real clay is a very popular surface on tennis courts around the world, but it is not really practical in the UK due to the climate. However, if you are interested in playing on clay you can opt for an artificial clay surface. Like artificial grass, this is a carpet surface that has been designed to mimic the playing characteristics of the real court.

If you are interested in having any kind of tennis surface installed, the team at Sovereign Sports would be happy to talk through the range of options available to you. Please contact us today for more information.