Tennis Court Planning Permission: What You Need to Know

Many people would love to have a tennis court in their homes but worry that construction would be complicated. It is actually easier than ever to have a tennis court built on your property, however, many homeowners are still concerned about whether they would get planning permission. Let’s have a look at the facts; this is what you need to know about tennis court planning permission.

You don’t usually need permission

First, the good news is that in most cases you will not need permission to build a tennis court at home. If you’re just putting a tennis court in your garden or a piece of land that you own it’s not usually the case that you’ll need to get permission, although in any case, it’s always best to seek advice from your local council as there may be some specific regulations in place.

There are a few exceptions to this rule, however, including when you want to have floodlights installed and if the land that you will be using will need a change of use. Let’s look a little more closely at these.


Floodlights are the one aspect of having a tennis court built that often trips people up in terms of planning permission. Because floodlights are an elevated outdoor light source and could affect neighbours you will need to gain permission before you have them set up. Neighbours may make complaints and if you do have trouble getting permission from your local council for floodlights, it can be worth looking into the possibility of retractable floodlights.

Change of use

It’s also true that if the land that you are going to use for your tennis court requires a change of use then you will likely need to get permission. For example, if you have some land that is currently for agricultural use, you would need to get in contact with the council. There may also be issues if your home is a listed building.