Pros and cons of a synthetic grass tennis court

Synthetic grass courts are becoming more popular everywhere from private homes to schools and sports clubs. But it’s still true that the majority of courts and sports areas are hard courts made using porous macadam, so let’s have a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of synthetic grass courts to see whether it is something you should consider.

Pro: Perfect for a range of sports

Firstly, it should be noted that synthetic grass is not just an alternative to a real grass court. This surface can be used for a wide variety of sports. So whether you’re looking for home use or you are looking to have an artificial grass playing surface installed at a club, it’s worth pointing out that it can also be used for games as varied as netball, five-a-side football and more.

Con: It’s not real grass

Of course, it’s true that grass is the classic tennis surface. It was the first surface that the game was played on and it is still the style of court that is used for Wimbledon, the most important tennis tournament in the calendar. But having a synthetic grass court simply doesn’t have the prestige of real grass.

Pro: A brilliant substitute for the real thing

While artificial grass may not have that prestige, it does have a range of advantages that make it a fantastic substitute for real grass. Firstly, it’s cheaper to install and far easier to maintain than trying to deal with real grass. Equally, it can be used quickly after rainfall, while real grass becomes saturated with water and impossible to play on after just a little rain. The synthetic version also plays very similarly to real grass to the point that you would notice the difference.

Con: Not as hard wearing as macadam

It should also be pointed out that while synthetic grass is a hard-wearing material that can withstand regular play, hard courts like macadam will last for longer. This is natural and to be expected simply due to the nature of the material being used, but it’s worth remembering that if you’re looking for long-term value, porous macadam should be considered.

Just like a real grass court, synthetic grass is a much more forgiving surface to play on than any kind of hard court. It’s much easier on the joints in the legs and causes less wear and tear to the body while you play. This means that it is ideal for regular play without running the risk of injuries or recurring problems.