How to maintain a 3G pitch

While 3G surfaces are low maintenance, they may require more work in order to keep them in excellent condition than the more common porous macadam surface. That means if you are going to have a 3G MUGA surface installed at a sports club or school, you need to understand how best to maintain the surface for optimal performance.

It is also important to factor in the cost of this maintenance when you make the decision to have one installed. Let’s look at the key ways to keep your 3G pitch in great condition.

The right equipment

Two of the most important features of a 3G pitch in good condition is to keep the turf upright and ensure that the spread of the infill is even. The most effective way to do this is to use a compact tractor with a drag brush. Carrying this out on a regular basis will increase the lifespan of the pitch and ensure the most natural feel from the surface.

Consistency and scheduling

Before you plan maintenance for the pitch you need to understand how often it will be in use and for how long the sessions will last. 3G pitches are highly durable but they will wear down if they are used very frequently with proper maintenance. Once you have established how much use the pitch will see, you can plan appropriate maintenance to take place.

Skilled staff

You need to have staff with the experience to maintain a 3G pitch – if you have never had a 3G pitch at your facility before, it may be necessary to provide additional training to existing staff or bring in someone with specific 3G expertise.

Expert help and guidance

It’s also worth pointing that even if you have skilled staff in-house, you may need to bring in an artificial grass specialist from time to time. Like real grass, a 3G pitch needs to be mowed but there are also issues to think about including topping up the infill and carrying out chemical moss and weed treatments.