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Tennis court fencing - Sovereign Sports
Tennis court fencing - Sovereign Sports

Are you interested in having customised tennis court fencing? Sovereign Sports specialises in all forms of court fencing systems. Give us a call today on 01634 684 235 to discuss the range of fencing options available to you.

We supply two systems as standard; tubular or angle iron power coated fencing in either green or black. The first is the supply and erection of 2.75m (9ft) high strutted, tubular tennis court fencing that runs completely around the court, along with a single leaf gate. If you wish to have a viewing gallery on one side of the court or if the court is clearly visible from the house, it is easily possible in the majority of cases to incorporate a dropped section. This will allow one side of the fence to have a height of approximate 1m, with a 1m x 1m at the centre of the perimeter fence.

There are multiple ways that we are able to entirely customise your tennis court fencing design. This could include everything from installing larger posts, altering the fence height, using a thicker and more robust core chain link setting and installing tubular systems with decorative finials. Additionally we can make extra large gates, double gates, kick boards and even top and bottom rails, a part of the design.

We can also supply and install a wide range of alternative fencing systems. These are aimed more at the multi-use games areas (MUGA) such as football and hockey. These sports require a more robust fencing system due to the high impact of the balls.

Ball Court Fencing Systems

Tennis court fencing - Ball court fencing - Sovereign Sports

Sovereign Sports also specialises in all types of ball court fencing to fit your facility, from 1m high viewing barriers, to full 5m height MUGA rebound fencing, along with the required goal ends and basketball hoops.

The most popular type of sports fencing we install is the 3m high sports rebound fencing. This is typically manufactured from twin 8mm horizontal wires. This sports court system can easily be installed at 4m or 5m high and all our fencing can be galvanised and powder coated whether it is tennis court, MUGA, or rebound fencing.


Zaun tennis court fencing

The Super Sports Rebound Panel by ZAUN has become the preferred and popular choice over wooden rebound board systems. Unfortunately wooden boards offer a hiding place to trespassers and children, and can be easily be subjected to graffiti. Equally it is less able to provide a long lasting service life due to the nature of the material used.

The Twin horizontal 8mm wires ensure vital resistance to deformation from impacts and vandalism and it is suitable for a range of multi sports games areas. Most importantly, the high-density twin wire construction allows for rebound qualities similar to that of a solid surface, meaning that the angle at which a ball strikes the surface will be the same as the angle at which it leaves the surface. The panels’ structural strength makes it ready for the pressure and abuse of many sports activities, giving the fence a degree of rigidity unparalleled by any other wire product commonly available.

Wisa PA System

Tennis Court Fencing - Sovereign Sports

Designed, manufactured and installed for use in Multi Sport Areas for High Impact activities such as five-a-side football where the fence surround, is an integral part of the play. This system incorporates robust fibre panels around the lower part of the fence.

358 PA System Fence

Tennis court fencing - Sovereign Sports

This kind of fencing is incredibly durable and a necessity for multi-games areas where football and other high impact sports are going to be played. ’358′ comes from the old imperial measurements, 3″ x 0.5″ x 8 gauge, which refers to the dimensions of the panels. Originally this style of fencing was designed for high security environments, combined with an all steel framework coated to industry standards.

Rebound Panel

High Density welded mesh panel, with a rigid but forgiving surface. The 358 Panel offers excellent Vandal Resistance as well as aesthetic qualities when polyester powder coated with any colour from the RAL range. The 358 PA SYSTEM framework uses a combination of Durable box section and angle steel. The upper fence cladding materials to be typically a 50 x 50 x 3mm roll format welded mesh fixed using the optimum amount of high tensile line wires, ensuring a strong but flexible deflection surface.

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Customised Fencing

MUGA Systems

Tennis court fencing - Sovereign Sports
Tennis court fencing - Sovereign Sports


Sovereign Sports offer a range of synthetic surfaces suitable for Multi use play. Ranging from Matchplay2, which is a 6mm sand dressed synthetic surface through to Conqueror 60 MF 3rd Generation 60 mm sand and rubber infill, ideal for five-side football.



All surfaces need regular maintenance to retain good condition, whether it is porous macadam, synthetic clay, synthetic grass.
Every surface should be swept clean and all leaves, pine needles, detritus and rubbish should be removed on a weekly basis



floodlightsSovereign Sports are able to offer 2 types of lighting system, Static or Retractable. Our retractable system is aimed more at the private client, being less obtrusive than the full size static option. The static system we offer complies with SAPCA and LTA recommendations and is the preferred choice for clubs and schools.


Associated Work

Along with our main concern, being the construction of tennis courts and sports surfaces. We also carry out a wide range of associated works and optional extras which include double edge perimeters, personalised fencing posts, practice walls, retaining walls, paths, patio areas, steps and landscaping to the surround of the court.